about veritas

Creating spaces where life happens.


Experiences happen in spaces. When you think of some of the most impactful experiences in your life, the space is what provides the backdrop. Your first kiss, your wedding day, the birth of your first child.  As you recall each of these life events, the space that surrounded them was a supporting role in the story. As you invest in the story of your future, Veritas can guide you in being intentional about how you piece together the place where you’ll be your most authentic self.

The word Veritas means truth, and the truth is it’s all about you.

about travis

Travis Willson is the Principal/Owner at Veritas Architecture + Design.  Travis has always been fascinated by the relationship between architecture and communities, and is passionate about rethinking the way these two entities interact. How can we create better connections in public places? How can internal and external spaces better flow together? How can architecture positively influence the way individual spaces are utilized?  Travis has explored these questions on every project he has managed in his twenty-year career, from redesigning educational buildings to renovating historical structures.

In addition to providing architectural and design services, Travis been a speaker for Associations including AIA, USGBC, Kansas Association of School Boards as a subject matter expert. Providing valuable insight on harnessing sustainable design methods for direct economic gain; understanding the roles of family and economic disparity across districts; optimizing site selection in relation to existing district buildings and the context of your community.

Veritas is a full-service architecture firm specializing in ground-up projects for residential, commercial and educational spaces.  We have thrown out the boilerplate and view every project as unique as our clients – no two are alike.  Reach out to us today to see if Veritas is the ideal fit for your project or if there is another firm we can direct you to that might better fulfill your need.  Our top priority is ensuring your goals are brought to life.